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Our Goal is to Provide Researchers a Safe, Secure Web Site to Manage, Collaborate, and Conduct their Research Projects

Services and Tools:
  • Custom Surveying and Sample Management Solution that is tailored to the Researchers needs
  • Reporting Platform providing Researchers with analytical tools
  • Collaboration Platform the enables Researchers and their assistants to conduct and manage projects
  • Resources to assistant Researchers with cleaning, preparing, and performing data analysis


  • Password Protected Security for the control of Viewing or Updating the research project
  • Task Manager to control research project “To Dos”
  • Real-time research survey results reporting
  • Discussion forum that allow staff members to collaborate on specific project topics
  • Message module to broadcast news or announcements to the Research Team
  • Branded with your institution or organization logo

Preview our Solution: Research Demo Web Site

Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your Research Project