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Our Goal is to Provide Custom and Professional Websites at an Affordable Price!
Quick and Easy for any novice to increases website traffic!

A well structured, updateable website is one of the requirements for getting to the top of the search engines (SEO). Search engines like Google prefer a well structured pages with lots of interesting and regularly updated content. FAFramework, our web enabled Content Management System(CMS), makes it easy to provide this and therefore delivers more traffic.

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Reasons why our FAFramework CMS is better

  • Optimized hand code quality pages.
  • Reliable, hacker free pages.
  • FREE code generators, tables, photo etc.
  • Safe mode for beginners; full html access for experts.
  • All menus, SEO, accessibility tags built automatically.
  • Unlimited number of pages.
  • Preview website before release.
  • Content 100% separate from design.
  • Powerful, DB to HTML parsing engine.
  • Saves you both time and money -- money that you can surely use better for marketing and advertising!
  • The administration/publishing interface is web browser-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere where there is an internet connection.
  • No software to download!
  • Because there is no software to download, then there is no possibility of spyware, malware or viruses like you would have with any downloaded application!
  • Editor is a breeze to use and has look and feel that is very similar to Microsoft Word
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    For novice or expert developers who want to use their own templates FAFramework CMS is for you. No need for setting up a complicated server. Online servers need specialist skills, they are less reliable and much more insecure than our FAFramework CMS sites.

    Our CMS sites are backup up daily, can be previewed and checked before release and modified from anywhere in the world via the internet. Our CMS is a web based, DB to HTML website CMS that keeps the content completely separate from its html/xhtml code and uses powerful string parsing routines to insert this data in any way, and into any template you choose.

    FAFramework CMS includes:

    • Tables
    • Bulleted lists
    • Images
    • Flash
    • Scrolling text
    • Upload files with the need for FTP

    Take your new site to the next level, purchase and manage domain names, ad-free site, add personalized email addresses and more!

    Domain Names

    Personalize your site with a custom website address like yourname.com. No need to figure out how to attach or register domain names. We will do all the work for you. Have a domain name that you would like to use on FAFramework? No problem. You can choose to attach it to the new site or transfer it to be managed through FAFramework.

    Custom Email Services

    Streamline your business with an email address that matches your website address. Choose from email forwarding services or professional email accounts.